SmartSleeve Mosquito Protected

Intelligent sleeping technology with microcapsules.100% natural aromatherapy with cocoon effect.

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SmartSleeve Mosquito Protected

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Product Description

The microcapsule technology with eucalyptus extracts creates a protective cocoon that keeps mosquitoes away. Your night's sleep is no longer disrupted by a constant buzz or aggravating mosquito bites. Your skin is protected from swelling and itching. In 'exotic' conditions, this SmartSleeve protects against transferable diseases such as yellow fever and malaria.

The oil-bearing leaves of the eucalyptus tree give off an odour that repels mosquitoes. This oil, in the form of microcapsules, is applied to fibres of the SmartSleeve fabric. The microcapsules burst open due to friction between the body and mattress. The released eucalyptus extracts evaporate and create a comfort zone around the mattress. The fabric contains millions of microcapsules, enough for the full life of the mattress. The technology used in this SmartSleeve is 100% natural. Moreover, the Eucalyptus citriodora is a fast-growing tree and thus a renewable resource.

Mosquitoes principally feed on nectar, but for the production of eggs, the females need blood for the proteins and iron. Thus mosquitoes become carriers of viruses and parasites. 700 million people worldwide are infected yearly via mosquitoes. In the first place, sleep of course is disrupted by the buzzing sound and the mosquito bites.