1.Most of our mattresses and toppers are delivered vacuum packed and rolled using the very latest technology and the very highest quality materials. This ensures product hygiene, quality in transit and improved delivery times. Your product has been vacuum packed on the day of dispatch, we do not recommend storing it in a rolled and vacuumed state for more than 4 weeks as this may cause recovery issues. 


2. Unpack your product carefully, avoid using any sharp implements as these may damage it. Carefully remove the adhesive tapes that hold the product in its rolled stand and tear the plastic along the heat seal to open and remove completely. Please keep the polythene packaging away from children.


3. Please allow a couple of hours for the mattress or topper to expand to its full height, optimum balance is reached within 24 hours. As the product has been vacuum packed after manufacture, you may experience a slight odour which is non-toxic and completely safe. Please allow the product to air properly for a few hours, the odour will completely disappear after a few days of use. 


4. New latex pillows may also have some rubbery smell which gradually dissipates after airing. You can wash the outer pillow zip-off cover only. Do not hand or machine wash the pillow core as this may damage the latex material. 


5. The mattress and topper covers can be washed at 30 degrees at customer’s own discretion. Latex Sense cannot be held responsible for any damage or shrinkage of the covers after washing. Do not tumble dry or dry clean the cover. We recommend using a mattress protector, it will keep your product fresh and clean. 


6. Never use detergents or chemical cleaners on your product. This can adversely affect not only the fabric but also the fillings inside the mattress or topper. If there is a risk of accident with fluids, please use a mattress protector. 


7. Please rotate your mattress 180 degrees regularly, at least once every 6 weeks to allow fillings to settle evenly, double sided mattresses can also be flipped over. Take extreme care whilst moving your mattress or topper as the latex can tear if grabbed or pulled on corners or edges. Use the handles on the mattress cover when rotating and turning your mattress. 


8. Do not use the mattress on the floor. The lack of ventilation may lead to mould and mildew built up and invalidates your guarantee. 


9. The bed base is equally important and works in harmony with the mattress. One of the most common causes of mattress failure is poor foundation. Please ensure the bed base is strong, stable and in good working order. It should be able to support the mattress and the weight of the people seeping on it. Please note that any slatted base should not have gaps between the slats wider than 7.5cm. Using a mattress on a slatted base with wider gap could cause damage and will invalidate your guarantee.


10. A mattress is designed for sleeping on and sitting on the edge for long periods of time can cause damage and place undue stress in this area. 


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