Cot Latex Mattress

The central ingredient of our cot mattress is GOLS certified organic latex. The cover is made with GOTS certified organic wool and natural Tencel fabric. 

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How to choose your comfort feel

There a few different factors to consider when chosing the comfort feel of your new mattress- body weight, sleeping position, the type of bed base and your personal preference. 

Soft mattresses are suitable for children and very light people who enjoy sinking into the bed.

Medium comfort is the most popular choice and is recommended fo the average person with body weight up to 90kg. 

Firm mattresses are good for bigger and heavier people with body weight over 90kg. 

Side sleepers prefer softer support to allow the shoulders and hips to sink deeper into the bed. 

Back and front sleepers find firmer beds more comfortable as they offer better support for the lower back and spine. 

The bed base is also very important and works in harmony with the mattress. The same mattress feels firmer on solid bases and softer on sprung bases. 

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Cot Latex Mattress

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Cot Latex MattressCot Latex MattressCot Latex MattressCot Latex MattressCot Latex MattressCot Latex Mattress

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Cot Latex Mattress Feature

The cot mattress is ideal for babies and growing children. Natural latex is tapped straight from the sap of the rubber tree. Its open cell structure and lots of air bubbles keep the mattress fresh, dry and well-ventilated. The cot mattress is with high elasticity, very durable and provides excellent support for your baby. The natural Tencel cover is removable and machine washable. The mattress is naturally fire retardant and does not contain any harmfull chemicals.

NameWidthLengthDepth Mattress Weight
Cot  60cm 120cm 9m 5kg 
Cotbed 70cm 140cm 9cm 6.5kg 

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